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RID ’ UP Stirrups

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SAFETY: Reduces the risk of being dragged by the horse. The patented design allows the stirrup to disengage  from the leather.

BALANCE: The patented hinged junction provides an optimal position to each rider. The leg remains placed and keeps it flexibility. This allows efficient aids and improves the horse locomotion. 

COMFORT: The leather eye is 90º oriented. The stirrups are easier to put on and the stirrup leathers remain flat on the flaps.

RESISTANCE: High performance Fiber-reinforced polyamide and composite bring strength and reliability. Great mechanical damping capacity.


- Made in FRANCE-



Descripción: Par de estribos de seguridad en polyamide con crampones de acero

Ancho : 12cm, Peso : 445g

Instrucción de cuidado : lavar con agua y secar

Al momento del jalón de una eventual caída, el ojo de metal se separa del estribo y permite que tu pie no se quede atorado en el estribo.